Electronic Claims Submission

Electronic  Claims  Submission

Electronic Claims Submission

Let’s join us with state of art streamline process of electronic claim submission. We are offering paperless and auto process of claim submission which ensuring timely claim submission to insurance. Our electronic claim submission has following characteristics:

  • Error Free
  • Rejection Handling
  • Not-Sent Claim tracking
  • Timely Submission

Acknowledgment & Adjudication

We are providing Claim acknowledgment on basis of 10 days follow-up claim status and we are promising claim adjudication so that our team confirms that presented claims must endure through review by insurance payers and adjusting compensation based on contracted rates and coverage details.

Data Entry and Claim Generation

Electronic claims submission begins with the entry of patient demographics, insurance information, and details of services rendered into a medical billing software or system


Clearinghouses play a crucial role in electronic claims submission by performing validation checks on claims before forwarding them to payers, which helps reduce errors and improve acceptance rates


During adjudication, the payer checks the claim for errors, verifies the patient's insurance coverage, confirms the medical necessity of the services provided, and determines the amount of reimbursement


After adjudication, the payer sends an electronic remittance advice (ERA) to the healthcare provider. The ERA provides detailed information about the payment or denial of the claim

Payment Posting

Payment posting involves reconciling the information in the ERA with the original claim to ensure accurate accounting of payments received and to identify any discrepancies that may require further investigation or follow-up

Claim Follow-Up

Electronic claims submission facilitates efficient follow-up processes by enabling providers to track claim status electronically, identify trends in denials or underpayments, and streamline communication

Frequently asked questions for  iMed Billing Pro

iMedBillingPro adheres to HIPAA regulations to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and security of patients' protected health information (PHI).

iMedBillingPro supports electronic submission of various types of claims, including CMS-1500 for professional services and UB-04 for institutional services, covering a wide range of healthcare specialties

Electronic claims transmission through iMed Billing Pro is highly secure, utilizing encryption protocols and compliance with industry-standard security measures to protect sensitive patient data during transmission.

Electronic claims submission offers benefits such as faster processing times, reduced errors, improved cash flow, and enhanced tracking capabilities compared to paper claims, leading to more efficient revenue cycle management.

Yes, iMed Billing Pro offers seamless integration with leading EHR systems, enabling streamlined data exchange between billing and clinical workflows for improved efficiency and accuracy

iMedBillingPro provides comprehensive training resources, including user manuals, video tutorials, and personalized training sessions, along with ongoing technical support via phone, email, or live chat.

 iMed Billing Pro includes ERA processing capabilities, allowing users to automatically reconcile payments and denials, streamline posting workflows, and expedite revenue recognition.

iMedBillingPro identifies claim rejections or denials promptly, providing detailed explanations for the reasons. Users can easily correct errors, resubmit claims electronically, and initiate appeals directly within the platform.

iMedBillingPro offers transparent pricing plans tailored to the needs of healthcare practices, with no hidden fees for electronic claims submission. Pricing is based on factors such as practice size, volume of claims, and additional features required

iMedBillingPro includes robust reporting tools that allow users to track claim status in real-time, monitor reimbursement trends, analyze revenue cycle performance, and generate custom reports to support data-driven decision-making

At iMedbillingPro, we are aware of the challenges and suffering that healthcare providers encounter when delivering first-rate patient care. 

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